Drone stands for Dynamic Remotely Operated Navigation Equipment.In military terms ‘Drone’ is often defined as unmanned aerial combat vehicle or a remotely piloted one.It can stay in air for a while continuously and puts the area under surveillance.Most commonly where manned flight is considered too risky or dangerous, drones come into their position.Drones might be unmanned, but it is obvious that they are piloted.The trained officers control it from the base just using the principle of remote controlling.


Working Mechanism

If we look into its working mechanism, when operated from the base the drone captures its targeted area using its camera attached to it and sends the images to the base or the ground troops and the action is taken according to that.It can further be used in the missile attack at that moment or to give a complete clarity about the situation in the targeted area.The base may either be located near or miles away.

Present Scenario Of Drone Warfare

Presently it seems that US, UK, Israel, India, Pakistan and China has drones that can deliver missiles.As drone is an unmanned vehicle, it seems there is no risk of losing trained pilots and officers.

Advantages Of  Drone Warfare

  • Does not require qualified or trained pilot
  • Search and rescue operations
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Exploring hazardous sites
  • Climate and weather mappingDRONE
  • Military surveillance
  • Can enter environments that are dangerous to human exposure

Drone Attacks And Their Results

Drones have become a weapon of choice for United States of America.In the last four years US president Obama has signed off on over 400 drones for combat purpose.Point to be considered is that they have done their job in an appreciable way.Leaders of terrorist groups in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia were killed.Combat drones played a major role in the start to eradicate Al Qaeda, an anti-American militant group.And yes, it has caused civilian casualties, but yet considered as a fair risky method compared to any other alternative methods.

  • No matter whether the casualties are low or high, the loss of any small life always result in the rise of political and law based conflicts.The US drone attacks has angered the foreign pubic, targeting the Americans and claiming that drones would kill thousands of innocent lives.Even New York Times reveals that even though hundreds of dangerous militants have been killed by drones, results of some of the strikes seemed to be the most troublesome ones.Every study on the strike proves that there were far more civilian casualties than the officials actually admit. According to the Bureau of Investigative Journalism there were 65 drone strikes in Pakistan between January 2012 and July 2013 in which around 308 people were killed.But out of these, it was estimated that only four were civilians, which makes it less than 1.5 percent.BOI

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