Bahubali (English: One With Strong Arms) was the son of <a title="Rishabhanatha" href=””>Rishabhanatha, the first tirthankara of Jainism.[2][3][4] Bahubali is a much revered figure among Jains. After the duel with Bharata, his elder brother, Bahubali abandoned his kingdom and clothes to became a Jain monk. Bahubali meditated motionless for a whole year in kayotsarga posture because of which climbers grew around his legs. After one year of meditation, Bahubali attained Kevala Jnana (enlightenment). According to Jain texts, Bahubali attainedmoksha (liberation from the cycle of births and deaths) at Mount Kailash and became a Siddha (liberated soul).

Bahubali is also called Gommatesh because of the statue dedicated to him. “Gommateshwara” statue, built by the Ganga dynastyminister and commander Chavundaraya, is a 57-foot (17 m) monolith (statue carved from a single piece of rock) and is situated above a hill in Shravanabelagola, in the Hassan district of Karnataka state, India. It was built in around 983 A.D. and is one of the largest free standing statues in the world.


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